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Best 7.1 Surround Gamer Headphones Usb Ps4 Headband Games Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset With Mic

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7.1 Virtual Surround ChannelThe synchronization of sound and painting is the winning instrumentCool LED backlightHigh toughness memory elastic steel beamComfortable ear, skin friendly breathableAll-pointing noise cancelling microphone

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Noise Reduction Cancelling
PC/PS4/mobile Phone
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In-line Microphone
LED Display, Noise Cancelling
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Packaging Details:45*45*51.5cm


Product Information

1.Designed for games, the sound has a higher definition and diving depth, whether the wind is moving, or the fire is flying, can be accurately presented,
2.Powerful 7.1 listening channel, enhance the environmental audio-visual effect, near and far right precise positioning, excellent restoration of live sound, listening to the position
3.New 50mm loudspeaker sound unit, stable output, sound field layer is clear, sound effect is clear, game low general pass to meet
4.Like night elf, using cool LED light source, enjoy the echo of hearing and vision, as bright as stars, shake the audience
5.High toughness memory elastic steel beam,Imported high density steel head wear design, not only light toughness is good, not easy to deformation fracture, comfortable pressure head
6.Albumen skin earmuffs, designed according to Chinese contour, inert memory cotton can automatically fit according to user's ear contour, more comfortable to wear
7.Full pointing 3600 HD microphone, effectively reduce filtering background noise, noise, easy to shout teammates, precise docking, one call immediately
8.Lightweight design, get rid of the feeling of weight on the head, ensure that the game is not tired for a long time, wear comfortable and not stuffy, light if nothing

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