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About To Ban The Sale Of Disposable Plastic Products

01. Amazon: About to ban the sale of disposable plastic products


According to sputniknews, the British Ministry of Environment, Food and Agriculture issued a statement stating that, except for exempted uses, from October 1st, the UK will ban the sale of plastic drinking straws, plastic stirring rods and plastic cotton swabs. The ban applies to the business environment where these products are supplied, including retail and manufacturing.

If Amazon sellers ordered disposable plastic straws, cotton swabs or beverage stirrers before October 1, 2020, they can continue to supply or sell the remaining disposable plastic products until April 1, 2021. If the seller ordered these products after October 1, 2020, they can no longer sell such products or they will be fined. In addition, the British government announcement also mentioned: after July 3, 2021, sellers cannot provide beverage products with disposable plastic straws on the packaging, otherwise they may be fined.

02. Shopee: Policy update on order cancellation


Cancelling orders due to sellers will bring a very bad shopping experience to buyers. In order to enhance buyers’ shopping experience, the Shopee platform has tightened the order cancellation policy from the following three aspects.

1. High number of cancellations (new)

Starting from October 19, 2020 (refer to the data of the past 7 days), if the seller’s shop cancels orders >=500 due to the seller’s reasons in the past week, the following penalties will be imposed.

2. High order cancellation rate

In order to regulate shops with a higher order cancellation rate, the Shopee platform will implement the following policies from September 1, 2020 (refer to the past 7 days).

The Shopee platform will refer to the records of the past 7 days every week and turn on the Vacation Mode for shops with higher order cancellation rates. Shopee will not help sellers close the holiday mode of the store. Sellers can close the holiday mode by themselves 24 hours after the holiday mode is turned on.

03. AliExpress: will strengthen the management and control of personal electric mobile equipment products


AliExpress issued an announcement on the 12th that from October 19, 2020, it will strengthen the control of personal electric mobile devices. Violators will be severely punished, and those with serious circumstances will be closed account.

The announcement shows that this control is aimed at all personal electric mobile devices, including electric balance bikes, electric scooters, electric skateboards and other personal electric mobile devices. AliExpress will close the corresponding country market on October 30, 2020 for products that have not yet provided the corresponding certification qualifications.

The announcement reminds that for accounts with serious violations, the platform will deduct 12 points per time in accordance with the AliExpress “Seriously Disrupting the Order of the Platform” Rules, and the account will be frozen for 7 days; for accounts with particularly serious violations, the platform will deduct 48 points / Times, and close the account.

Post time: Oct-12-2021