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Global shipments of TWS headphones will increase to 600 million units in 2022

The global earphone technology has experienced three stages of development, including wired earphone – common wireless Bluetooth earphone -TWS earphone.

From traditional wired earphone to wireless earphone to true wireless earphone, the development trend of wireless earphone is obvious.Through the built-in smart SoC chip, the headset also gradually realizes intelligence.TWS headphones are expected to become an acoustic portal in the future.


Data show that in the single quarter of 2020Q3, the total global shipments of TWS headphones are 253 million, among which the shipments of white brand market are 173 million, accounting for 69%, far higher than the brand market of 79 million, accounting for 31%.In the brand market, mobile phone manufacturers shipped 51 million units, accounting for 64% of the brand market share, with leading manufacturers including Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei and OPPO.

Global SHIPMENTS of TWS headsets are expected to increase to 600 million units by 2022, with a 66% CAGR.


The TWS headset on Apple’s official website refers to the real wireless stereo headset, which changes the configuration of the previous headset, eliminating the physical wire required by the traditional headset, but through Bluetooth stereo system.In September 2016, Apple inc. released the first generation of AirPods, becoming the leader of TWS smart earphone technology and forming an innovative category of new consumer electronics terminal. Because of its monitoring patent scheme, Apple inc. has formed a monopoly market pattern.


AirPods exploded the headphone market with their launch, quickly grabbing a quarter of the global Bluetooth headphone market, while Beats’ market share plummeted 9 points to 15%.In 2019, Bluetooth 5.0 scheme was launched to help customers solve the problem of dual-ear transmission and promote the rapid penetration of low-cost TWS, which led to the rise of ANDROID MANUFACTURERS ‘TWS headset market. Google, SONY, Huawei, Xiaomi and other Android brands actively followed up the layout.


Apple and Android camps made concerted efforts to drive TWS headphones from the embryonic stage into the flowering period.

Post time: Feb-25-2022