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Indian E-commerce Platform Club Factory Support Chinese Brands To Overseas

Amazon plans to increase cargo aircraft from 42 to 200 by 2028, competing with UPS and others


According to foreign media reports, a new study shows that Amazon’s cargo airline Prime Air will expand on a large scale in the next seven or eight years. (UPS) and other veteran logistics companies compete with air cargo services.

The report also found that Amazon Air now has about 100 flights a day, mainly to enhance the services of DHL International, FedEx and UPS by filling the key link between its distribution center and sorting center, rather than completely replacing them. Although the researchers said it is also seeking to reduce its dependence on these partners.

AliExpress overseas warehouse “commitment” will be officially launched on May 28


AliExpress overseas warehouse “commitment” will be officially launched on May 28, 2020. According to the introduction, merchants who join the “Commitment” can enjoy search tilt and increased screening exposure; full-link logos are revealed to improve shopping conversion; exclusive rights and benefits of XIDA marketing activities; XIDA special transaction subsidies 4 major rights. It is reported that in April this year, AliExpress also launched the “Overseas Warehouse Spring Thunder Operation” in conjunction with Cainiao International to provide merchants with one-click stocking overseas full-link solutions.

Government Work Report: Speeding up the development of new business formats such as cross-border e-commerce


Recently, Premier Li Keqiang said in his government work report: Promote the basic stability of foreign trade. Focusing on supporting enterprises to increase orders and stabilize jobs to ensure employment, increase credit allocation, expand export credit insurance coverage, reduce import and export compliance costs, and support export products to be sold domestically. Accelerate the development of new business formats such as cross-border e-commerce, and enhance international freight capacity. Promote a new round of pilot projects for innovative development of service trade.

Amazon’s latest fee calculator can preview multiple channels
Distribution cost


Recently, Amazon sellers can use the platform’s latest fee calculator to quickly preview the multi-channel delivery fee for each item. Sellers can go to the multi-channel delivery page, download the calculator template, and click the [Expense Calculator] tab. It is understood that the seller only needs to send the inventory to the Amazon operation center, and the platform will store the inventory and deliver any orders placed from the seller’s sales channels, including the seller’s website, social media and other malls.

Indian e-commerce platform Club Factory officially settled in Lazada, to work together to support Chinese brands to go overseas!


Lazada has always been committed to helping high-quality Chinese brands go overseas, and promoting the development of e-commerce in six Southeast Asian countries through business and technology. With the most extensive logistics network and leading payment system, it has now become a part of the daily lives of Southeast Asian consumers. Recently, Club Factory, India’s third largest e-commerce platform, has officially entered Lazada!

Lazada combines its own advantages in the Southeast Asian market with Club Factory’s big data and other technologies to provide merchants with one-stop services in Southeast Asia, allowing Southeast Asian consumers to enjoy a richer and higher-quality shopping experience.

Club Factory will help its suppliers to meet the needs of Southeast Asia, provide a full range of services through its years of accumulated industry experience, marketing capabilities, big data capabilities, etc., to help merchants build Southeast Asian brands in Lazada.

Post time: Oct-12-2021