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Market pattern analysis of bone conduction earphone industry in 2021: Opportunities and challenges coexist

Bone conduction headset, as a sub-category of Bluetooth headset, has a good reputation among health and fitness people by virtue of the principle of bone conduction and sound transmission. In recent years, as people pay more and more attention to health and sports needs, the market of bone conduction earphones has shown an explosive growth trend. According to the latest survey report of Canalys, an authoritative international research agency, the global shipments of bone conduction earphones will reach 8.83 million units in 2021, with a sequential growth of 97%.
The formation of south Ka, shao sound headed by the bellwether
The good market situation also attracts more capital. According to statistics, the number of newly registered enterprises related to bone conduction headphones in 2021 exceeds 138. With more new brands joining the bone-conduction headphone circuit, the bone-conduction headphone market is also changing compared to 2020. South ka, shao sound composed of the leading camp, respectively with 35%, 33% of the market share occupied half of the market; Panasonic, Marsboy and AudioBone are the second tier, with 10%, 7% and 5% market share respectively. The remaining 10% of the market share is shared by other brands.
Middle and high-end products have the highest market acceptance
Different from traditional air conduction earphones, bone conduction earphones have higher requirements on product technology and related audio technology, which naturally increases the product cost. 0-199 yuan price segment products have obvious defects in function and experience, unable to meet consumers, the market share is shrinking; In the price range of 600-1200 yuan, the middle and high end products are more mature and stable in terms of product functionality and experience, and become the price segment with the highest market acceptance. At the same time 1200+ price range of high-end products, also showed a good trend of rise.Also showed a good upward trend.
Basic function popularization, differentiation breakthrough is the key
At present, the basic function of bone conduction earphone has been popularized, how to make differentiation is the key to stand out. Nanca’s product iterations and functional technology updates are frequent, with three bone conduction headphones released in 2021. RunnerCC 2 is the RunnerCC 2 with a high cost performance and is a strong competitor in lower price segments, making it the entry choice for many young consumers. For the high-end Runner Pro series, the Runner Pro2 equipped with new anti-leakage technology and full vibration directional oscillator was released successively,And RunnerPro3, the industry’s first bone conduction headset with bluetooth 5.2 chip, which has repeatedly led the development of the industry. Though the product update and iteration are slow and the latest OpenComm is already a product in 2020, In terms of brand building, Shaoyin still maintains high frequency activities and enjoys high popularity in the sports arena.As the pioneer of bone conduction earphone category, with the continuous expansion of the market share of Nanka and Shao, consumers gradually formed the category memory of bone conduction earphone = Nanka/Shao. It was very difficult for the newcomers to break out of the category, and only the competition between Nanka and Shao remained.
New technologies and functions will have a profound impact on the future development of the industry
At present, the bone conduction industry is highly homogenous and relatively conservative in both appearance design and functional innovation, which also gives rise to users’ expectations for new technologies and functions. South Carolina as the industry with few number of technology research and development strength and capital of the head of the brand, also constantly trying to seek innovation and breakthrough in products.MP3 function designed for inconvenient mobile phones in sports scenes; The industry’s first bone conduction headset equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 chip; The industry’s first 10-hour bone conduction headset; Even in the anti-leakage technology and bone conduction sound quality technology has been constantly updated achievements.
From a macro point of view, As a new bone conduction earphone brand, South Carolina is inferior to Shaoyin in terms of brand qualifications and channel layout. But return to the essence of the product, busy in the brand construction of Shao Yin long time to ignore the innovation of product technology, gave the opportunity to overtake south Carolina corner.With a number of very stylistic and innovative bone conduction headset products, South Carolina only used more than 2 years to achieve shao sound side by side, dichotic world. In the future, South Carolina will adhere to the technology-driven development strategy, which is bound to further enhance its market competitiveness.

Post time: Jan-18-2022