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Professional people do professional products, titanium night rainbow eye let your game experience straight up!

Night rainbow eye packaging uses red black collocation color, there is a strong color contrast,concise elements let the effect of the brand is very outstanding, big box sets small box,the same color, bigger trademark, brand effect is more outstanding.


A sticker at the bottom of the back of the package contains the technical parameters of the headset, but the average user won’t care much about them.  Open the box to see the earphone, the same familiar earphone, but there is a different feeling.


The overall color of the eye of night Rainbow is black with conventional technology,and the lightweight double beam design can reduce the overall weight of the headset, thus avoiding the sense of pressure on the head caused by the weight of most head-phone. Are embodied in the outcome of the game, often on the timely communication and teamwork, as a game headphones, must be equipped with a microphone, which is the important channel which the regiment war game, night eye of the rainbow is equipped with all point to the noise reduction of the microphone, eliminate ambient noise, microphone adopt flexible flexible design, can adjust the Angle of pickup, ensure that clear pickup effect.


Now all kinds of hardware with lights are popular, and it seems a bit outdated without lights. Night Rainbow Eye earphone adopts irregular appearance design, which looks full of science and technology. Besides, RGB breathing lights are added to the outer edge of earphone and LOGO to inject e-sports atmosphere into earphone.

In terms of internal hardware, The Eye of night Hong is equipped with a speaker unit of 40mm, a bio-composite heavy gun shock film, a sensitivity of 120dB, a frequency response range of 20Hz ~20khz, and an impedance of 32±15 ω. In terms of hardware specifications, it is normal and moderate. With 7.1 environmental sound decoding chip, it enhances the sound effects of low and high frequencies.  It can strengthen the performance of the headset in the game, improve the sound field positioning effect, so as to get a better game experience.


The earphone adopts skin-friendly protein skin cover earmuff design, which can completely fit the skin without feeling stiff. The leather cover earmuff is very soft, which can better fit the ear. The wearable and breathable design ensures sound insulation effect and can be worn for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

A volume control wheel is designed behind the left ear of the earphone to control the volume, which can be easily controlled with one hand and is also very handy to use.


The earphone is connected in a wired way. The outlet is designed at the left ear and is reinforced to resist tensile effect.

The double layer memory metal outer headbeam design, the inner headbeam is wrapped with leather material, this design is lighter than the traditional all-metal or plastic headbeam, bringing a lighter wearing sensation for the headset.  The inner head beam is filled with flexible material that does not compress the head.


Movable head beam design, can adapt to different user’s head size. The wire is equipped with Velcro for easy storage, the main line uses oxygen-free copper core, low resistance, anti-interference, so as to bring better sound effect, the wire is a little thick, also a little hard, it is not easy to arrange the wire, but the tensile effect is very good. Due to the eye of the night rainbow is designed specifically for computer games headphones, so the design of the abandoned traditional 3.5 mm simulation interface, using the way via USB drive digital chip to transmit voice, can obtain higher transmission speed, better sound field effect, but this also means that the mobile game users cannot use the earphone.


Night Rainbow Eye uses a digital chip with no drive. The driver of the system can automatically identify the earphone, plug it into the computer, and the earphone can be used. The model number of the earphone is “TD-W1″ on the computer. First of all, let’s talk about the most prominent lighting system of the earphone. Equipped with RGB dazzling lighting system, the performance of the earphone is immediately improved by 100 times. You can feel the super video effect brought by the earphone before you start using it.


Everyone feel the RGB lighting system support, is it high-end atmosphere grade?


Say again comfort, lightweight design of the head is more friendly, does not have oppressive feeling, soft metal head beam, the elasticity is moderate, not oppression ears, with soft, full joint earmuffs, wearing comfort is good also, the location of the microphone can adjust at will, wearing headphones, is a professional of e-sports game players feel immediately came up. In terms of sound performance, the headset specially designed for the game, the collocation of 7.1 channel digital chip and 40mm ra unit strengthens the sound tuning of the game, making the Eye of night Rainbow have a good performance in the game, no matter RPG, STG, MOBA and other games, and sound field positioning is relatively accurate.  Moving position, background music are very clear, so as to timely identify enemy position and Angle, so that users can get accurate kill in the game.


The lightweight design, comfortable wearing experience, excellent game sound performance, and the addition of dazzling RGB lighting make the earphone more like esports, which makes me think the earphone is more suitable for game users.  If you are a music user, I don’t think the Eye of night rainbow is for you. After all, gaming headset and music headset are different fields, and it is impossible to have both.


The precise positioning of rainbow Eye doomed that this headset can only be a professional e-sports headset, which can only be used on the computer, and is not equipped with other accessories. If you are a mobile game user, you need to purchase another accessory or change another headset.  So, game users should consider the Titanium Eye of the Night Rainbow when choosing headphones, and if they have other requirements, they should make another choice.

Post time: Feb-10-2022